Good Morning, Podcasters!
Good Morning, Podcasters!

Episode 38 · 4 months ago

A New Podcast Conference (Plus LinkedIn and Twitter Tips)


We're starting a new conference, maybe. That's up to you. And I've got a couple social media strategy tips for you (one of LinkedIn and one for Twitter).


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Good morning, podcasters. Let's talk about podcast events, because I'm sure you're not tired of that yet. That's up next. Regardless of where you fall on the podcast movement versus the world, Verse Ben Shapiro Fiasco, or perhaps it should be more appropriately called the apology, unapology, apology orgy, I have no doubt that you're a little bit exhausted by it overall. I put out a tweet yesterday and I said, if I get a thousand likes on this, I'll start a new podcast conference. Of course it didn't get a thousand likes, because who the hell listens to me, but it got a lot more than I usually get on my tweets and I thought, Huh, maybe that's enough to take a serious look at starting an alternative conference. Now, look, if you don't know me by now, let me give you a quick rundown of tanner and how he approaches everything. He does a D H D no bullshit. Telling me that something can't be done is going to...

...make me want to do it more. Don't give me deadlines, Give Me Challenges, don't give me excuses, show me effort. And that's me in a nutshell. And of course, also don't tell me who you are, tell me what you know. My Friends Roger Sang and Brendan Ushio actually have pre pandemic. I P of a podcast festival that never really got a chance to take off because of covid and all three of us are kind of like, man, we could do this better, we could make it smaller, we could make it more intimate and we could make it more useful, and so all three of us are thinking maybe we should try to do exactly that. Here's what I can say for certain right now. Here's what I can say for certain right now. The event would be a few days long. Let's imagine a Thursday, a Friday and a Saturday. It would happen in either Denver or Salt Lake City. It wouldn't be bigger than a hundred to three hundred people. Tickets would be around three hundred dollars and there'd be four three day tracks. The first track would be a big inners track. This...

...would be for people who wanted to learn to launch a podcast well for the first time. The second track would be an engineering track, and this would be for people who wanted to learn to edit and engineer their own audio better for their own podcast, and there'd be a marketing track and this would be for people who wanted to learn organic and paid strategies to grow their podcast. And maybe the engineering track is the marketing track. We get rid of the engineering track altogether. And the third track we create is, okay, you've already got a show, you've grown it a bit, and now we want to talk about programmatic ads, selling host red ads, pitching your show to networks and kind of like the I want to make this a full time job kind of stuff. Of course, this is all really nascent right. This is only an idea that's a couple of days old, although Brandon and Roger have of course, been thinking about this for years. And if you've been listening to my show for long enough, for just consuming my content for long enough, you know that I've been thinking about this for about a year.

We envisioned this being a podcast event for people who really want to learn something actionable, something they can implement the moment they get home, not a trumped up, boozed up party fest where it's more about socializing and hanging out. There would be some of that, but mostly we want people who were making the investment and the trip to be making it to learn and to really move forward with their ambitions. But here's the thing. We don't know if this is a podcast event people actually would want or if we just think it's a podcast event people would want. But I get the impression that I'm not the only one who's tired of even having to know what political party someone is or how they live personally, or what their ideologies or philosophies are. I feel like all that really gets in the way of people getting into a room together and knocking out some serious learning and work. You don't need to know I like pineapple on my pizza and I don't need to know who you voted for in the primaries. We both just need to learn how to edit audio better...

...or market better, or whatever whatever, better. And I want to build a conference that sees you as a human being who is also a podcaster and who also wants to get together with other human beings who are also podcasters so we can all get better at the thing we all have in common, podcasting, and not spend an inordinate amount of time arguing about what we don't have in common. I want a podcast conference that is a podcast conference and nothing else, but I don't know if that's what anyone else wants. So I'm here to ask you right now if you'd spend three dollars on a ticket to attend a PODCAST conference in Denver or Salt Lake this upcoming year to learn the things I outlined at the outset of this episode. So this is what I want you to do. I want you to go to GM pod dot C O, forward slash podcast and fill out the one question, yes or no, survey that you find there. If we get enough yeses, we will make this happen. There's a link in the show notes too if you can't remember it, but it's GM pod dot c o, forward slash podcast.

Now, how about an actual episode this Monday morning instead of a really big call to action? Right? Let's talk about a little experiment I did with twitter and linked in about a month ago. I noticed that my engagement on twitter was absolutely terrible. I'd get perhaps one like per tweet, maybe two. Then I noticed that R L Nissenblatt, who I'm sure you all know the Queen of community in the podcasting world, didn't have an influencer or business account, while I did. I had a professional account instead of an individual account on twitter. I thought about this a little bit and I thought, well, that might be part of why my engagement is so low, and that kind of makes sense. If you're a business and you're on twitter to grow your brand, perhaps twitter would like to encourage you to pay for ads and might cap your organic reach to provide that encouragement. So I changed my account type to personal and a month later, Lo and behold, my engagement went up can iterably. My average tweet now has more than a thousand impressions... the first twenty four hours, while before it was struggling to get even three hundred. So if you're using a business account on twitter and you're not actually a business or brand, maybe switched to a personal account. I also experimented with linked in. I started to publish PDF documents which load as swipeable slides on posts, and in these pdf documents I would provide a few slides of information on a certain topic and there's a link in the show notes to go and see an example of what I'm talking about so you can get a better visual I called this effort podcast breakfast club and I did it almost every day for two weeks straight. The result was three times the organic reach and nearly one thousand times the engagement. But here's what else I found. Not Every day performed as well as other days. Mondays and Thursdays performed the best. Not Every PDF performed as well as every other PDF. When the subject of the post was related to a company in the news that day or week, the Post did five times better on average than it did when it was...

...about something less immediately relevant. So some takeaways from those two experiments for you is I would be spending more time on linked in, if linked in fits your target market and demographic and see if you can't generate more engagement in traffic using PDF slides, which is just the post type where you add a file and that file, if it's a PDF, will create those slides. Second if you're using twitter, set it up as a personal account for a month or two. If you're using a brand account, step it down and see how things change. If they don't change, no big deal. You can pop back over to a professional account or a creator account. It takes no time at all, but try that out and see if there's a difference, as there was with me. And I think that's all I've got for you. Today. Thanks for listening. Remember to go to GM pod dot C o forward slash podcast to let me know if you want this new podcast conference idea to become a reality. If we get more than a certain number of yes is, we will do it, so click the link in the show...

...notes and go cast your vote. Thanks again for listening and until next time, take care. H M HM.

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