Good Morning, Podcasters!
Good Morning, Podcasters!

Episode 40 · 2 months ago

Explicit Content: Go Big Or Don't Do It


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Good morning podcasters. Today we're going to be talking about the explicit label and explicit content and how that might have further reaching effects then you think it might. That's up next. Alright, So you've got a podcast, you're pretty excited about it, and you're one of those people who's like, I'm not gonna conform to any rules. One of the best things about podcasting is and I could say, fucking ship and poop and butts and all those things, and maybe those last two things are probably fine with those first two things aren't. And you're gonna slap that explicit adult grown up content label onto your podcast when your podcast hosting provider ask is your show explicit and you say proudly yes. Now is somebody who has built a brand on the idea that you should speak your mind, be exactly who you are, and not be afraid of consequences, because a strong brand attracts the correct people and also repels the correct people. So from that standpoint, it's fine a curse, and you know...

Gary Vaynerchuk does it works out very well for him, and other people do it as well. And on the other side of the spectrum, there are ultra religious people who you know, never use a bad word in their life or try not to, and that works for them, So as somebody who wants you mostly to be who you are. This might seem like a counterintuitive argument that I'm about to make, but I think that you should avoid marking your content explicit whenever possible, with a few exceptions, and I'll go over those. But first, the why why do I think you should never mark your content explicit at the episode level or at the show level. The biggest reason is that at some point you are going to be approaching advertisers and sponsors, and it is really difficult, especially nowadays, to get a sponsor to buy into a show that's marked explicit, because explicit doesn't just mean you're dropping f bombs, it doesn't just mean you're using foul language. It means your content can really contain anything within the spectrum of or under the umbrella of over...

...eighteen content mature content, and that can include spicy, sexual kind of adult adult content, or it can just contain swear words and foul language or anything in between. It's really hard to get an advertiser or a sponsor to see that and say, oh, I'm okay having my brand muddled up with the kind of podcast that's gonna drop f bombs or talk about really adult content. It's not exactly emergent in podcasting, but it is relatively new. It's been around in marketing and advertising forever. The idea of brand safety and brand security. We want to make sure that our brand doesn't appear next to things that directly conflict with our brand. Now, as the creator, that's easy for you to do, but as an advertiser that is a lot harder. So if you mark your episodes explicit, there is a really good chance that your opportunity for programmatic ads, for sponsorships, and for host red ads. Mature relationships of ad buyers and different brands are going to become significantly less simply because...

...putting that explicit warning label on your content encompasses too many possibilities, and no brand that cares about their brand is going to want to appear mixed into that kind of content. Imagine you say something on your show that is too right leaning or two left leaning, and a contingent of the internet mob piles onto your advertiser and says, how dare you support a podcast that says this, this, and this you've seen this happen. Brands see it happen all the time, and they're increasingly concerned about who they work with and what kind of content they appear next to. Now, this is not me suggesting that you have explicit content and not label it that way, because that will get you delisted from places like Apple Podcasts and Spotify for not self identifying as explicit content or grown up mature content, when that is in fact the kind of content you have. It is me saying that you should find a way to do your show clean, and that's not some kind of moral pandering on my part.

I don't give a funk what you say in your podcast. I don't take advertisers on this show, so I don't care. But if I did take advertisers on this show, you could bet your sweet bippy that I wouldn't be dropping F bombs as frequently as I do. There would even maybe be some things I wouldn't even talk about, maybe highly charged political things that I wouldn't talk about specifically for that reason. And when your income relies on sponsors and advertisers, you have to fall in line with that or you're gonna lose that income. That revenue that food on your table. But there are two exceptions to this rule, and those two exceptions are as follows. The first is if you genuinely don't care about making money with your podcast, now, I would caution you strongly from thinking that this is going to be you forever. You will probably at some point come to the realization that we all come to that this is hours of our lives. And yes we love it, and yes it's a topic we care about, but it does take me away from my family, and it does keep me up late at night, and it does affect my sleep, and it does if my relationships, because sometimes...

I prioritize it over my kids, or over my spouse, or over my friends and hanging out. And the second you realize that your podcast is having that kind of effect on your life is the second you realize it better have some financial generation going on in order to justify that, in order for you to justify being able to shape your life more around this thing. But if you don't give a funk about money, then curse all you want. Talk about whatever you want, and just know that there are a litany of advertisers who will never do any kind of business with you, and if you're okay with that, that's great. Exception number two is if you're going into the adult adult explicit content area. Right, we're talking about the kind of adult content that you might see on you know, porn Hub or only Fans. You're that kind of spicy content. If that's you, I would say you don't have much to worry about because there are a significant number of brands that work in that space that are looking for podcast advertise on and there aren't that...

...many podcasts who are willing to talk about that stuff. So if you wanted to have porn Hub as an advertiser, or you wanted to have I don't know, your favorite sex toy manufacturer as an advertiser, you can bet that those advertisers don't have a lot of shows they can go to. And in this way, you're solving a problem. You are providing surface area for partnerships and sponsorships and advertising opportunities with brands that are often times not brands safe from the podcasters perspective. So if you're gonna go adult adult content, you probably don't have much to worry about. But if you're just gonna go shock value, cursing, crudeness, I would be a little bit more careful about making that decision, because while those adult advertisers might be willing to advertise on a show like that, you're not as good of a fit for them as a podcast that was explicit in the adult sense. So yes, those advertisers would want to advertise on your show, but not as much as they would want to average ties on a truly adult show. So by being an explicit show...

...from a language perspective or a raunchy ideas perspective, you're really fucking yourself if you care about ad revenue and you care about relationships with ad buyers and brands in the future, which you probably will. So here's my takeaway for the day. If you're going to be an explicit podcast serve the adult adult community, or be a podcast that doesn't care either about making money or having a very small pool of advertisers to choose from when you do decide you want to make money and build those advertising relationships, because a clean show, while it won't be of any interest to an adult adult advertiser or brand, a clean show will be attractive to everyone else. I know that one of the cool things about podcasting can feel like you can say whatever the funk you want, but with very few exceptions, eventually you're gonna care that you said those things you said in episode ten, or that you've built an entire brand around being crass, rude and sweary. Anyway, that is all I've got for you... I hope it was helpful. If it wasn't helpful, hey, better luck next time. This is a free show, after all, and you get what you get if you like access to episodes every day Tuesday through Friday for the rest of the week. While you can subscribe at GMP dot supercast dot com to the premium feed and get those things and get episodes every day, and those episodes so they might be better than the Monday ones, but who knows. You also get access to an A M A feature and you get the ability to submit show ideas so that I can discuss them, and you kind of drive the show really, so it's a win win again. That's GMP dot supercast dot com. I hope you'll head over there, and if you don't, hey, you know, better luck to me next time, because you don't owe me anything. Thanks for being here. I appreciate showing up. On Monday mornings and until next time they end.

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